My Two Cents: 5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women (via


My reaction to the article above:

#5. the biggest misconception…men feel entitled to women. No we’re just horny. It’s as simple as that. Boners make us do crazy shit. Also some of us DO NOT see women as objects; rejection just freaking hurts and we can react irrationally; not proud but it is an honest answer.

#4. conversely, there ARE times when men don’t think about sex. Granted, these may be shorter windows than women but they exist all the same. This POV is a result of our culture, not men alone.

#3. True…our sex drive can seemingly become detached. “She asking for it.” Never in my life would I validate such a poor, impotent, weak excuse! And werewolves aren’t a bad thing to be. 

#2. Despite perception and what the TV says, women do not “take” anything away men; we, as men, take it away for ourselves. What we did when we were younger, in most cases, doesn’t fly (or make sense) in latter years. You have responsibilities and other people to consider. And if a man gives his “power” or say to a woman or excuses, it’s his own damn fault. He can be a man and a partner without compromising himself.

#1. Society has fostered a culture where powerlessness separates not only sexes, but classes, faiths, intelligences, and races. Being raised in such a society make us all accustomed; the onus is on the individual whether or not they grow past these fallacies. On a personal scope, they can be changed even defeated. On a global scale, it is too big for any one person; that why social change take time and an enormous amount of effort.

My two cents.

Bye for now, KS.