The Silent Claim

Isn’t it considered?

the backlash,

the nerve pain,

the silent claim,

to these unorganized messages,

these thoughts,

but you can’t see them without…

emotional support,

mental acuity,

physical restraint?



that claim disappoints,

blackens quality meat,

impacts the meal,

gracious or not,

in parliament,

an unending silence,

cut by a smell,

a charred, burnt scent,

minute manifestation,

that silent claim.


The Memory

Nostalgia…is the memory of pain,


It’s a remembrance in sorrows wept,


of senses savaged and humanity spent,


in my feelings depth,


with my salvaged strength,


I recall the days of old,


among lists of untitled documents,


sorted and filed mentally,


a well to another dimension,


pouring out aged contents,


dampening psychic levees,


life setting them along,


what was already had,


perspective left glaring…


in the limelight,


or is it moonlit?