you struck like lightning,

pounded like rain,

smirked at the Sun,

and tried to chill to the bone,

you changed the rules,

in your winter-tide,

a wintry exchange,

you barely tickled us,

yet snowflakes remain,

you change the rules,

on your own,

all alone,

cold in your embrace,

dance in frosted flakes,

you are changing the rules,

is it mean to call you an ice queen?




Bromide Beginnings

The plainness of platitudes,

an expression given life,

a little dollop of sauce!

it has become…

commonplace in a stretch,

of voices run rampant,

voices run rampant!

do you hear that?

I’m back,

that anomalous cliche,

an immovable outlier,

the unreasonable man,

whose words may mean nothing now,

right now,

in the storm of society,

I just vie for listeners,

to be heard,

to be heard!