Working On Me

Hey folks,

It has been long while since I last posted here.

In the interim, I have had my share of dealing – dealing with this, that, the other. 😉

Living in post-election America has been a chore but my faith in humanity has not shifted much.

I think it is due to the fact that I truly respect others and their differences…which is not easy as it sounds.

I mean it is so natural to let our anger and misunderstanding of difference get to us.

The hard work comes when you understand where you stand, how important it is, and how equally important is for the opposite side – whether you agree or not.

None of us are in a position to judge each other: we are simply human – imperfection personified. 

Aside from that, my mother has been dealing with her own issues – her health mainly and how it effects her in the present and her future.

In aforementioned posts, I have been upfront about needing significant help which is still true.

  1. Please click on the link in – GO FUND ME:JEFFREY’S VITAL PLEA
  2. Please consider making a donation
  3. Say a prayer or send positive vibes this way – any effort will be much appreciated. 

All of that said, self-improvement is the main goal.

I have been a total mess most of my thirty-five years and all I care about is growth.

So I am taking steps to ensure that. 

Hopefully, it takes. 🙂

Bye for now, KS.



I am an aspiring teacher who is a self-proclaimed writing guru, comic book enthusiast, movie buff, & science fiction aficionado who's laid back & down to earth.

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