you can’t just pass,

expect me to ignore your rose-tinted blush,

as I (subconsciously) block your path,

grab my hand and talk to me,

talk to me like my lady-love,

(you could be) a sweetheart at arms,

follow me through the pain,

as each smile tempts,

the Devil and angel inside,

torture me…

you’re more than welcome to,

ah, Senorita… what have you done?!

chasing you like windmills,

a fragrance so saccharine,

maybe I’ve lost all of my minds…

Hola, Senorita…

I beg for your smile,

your lovely cadence,

your sweet denials,

your passive presence,

makes me think twice,


an innocent question always stirs me,

spurs an intimate wonder,

I’ll never stop asking…

as your come-hither frame turns,

towards and away,

the fire is lit,

I am whatever you wish,

my Senorita,

stay beautiful.






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