A Little Break

A little break would me some good,
I think in those common hours,
When I am alone,
When I am contemplating,
Taking a bite of something delectable,
As nutrition swims throughout,
I make space,
For what’s coming,
Or possibly what is going,
With a smile,
Service and support,
Am I thankful?
Why am I questioning hope?
The next morning has come,
The Sun reaches over all,
Hand over fist,
Sky saddling mountain,
I take it in.



All the regrets don’t make up,
don’t retrieve lost time,
How I remark no future no past,
Remaining hands on a clock,
Spiteful monologues,
Unpaid hours,
To make work may mine?
Maybe it’s escape,
The formula for loneliness,
Been grinding on it for ages,
Like I ever wanted to perfect it,
made entirely of what we avoid talking about,
That’s the conversation,
Friends are long gone from,
And the poetry is not enough,
Full stop.