Transient Incidents

Spell incidents,

thunderous clouds.

thunderous clouds!


in my equal emotion,

when transmission is not enough.

I play with font sizes until I break it up,

I break it.

rip it to pieces in front of you,


I love your ambient existence,

a spirit designed Ready Earned Means,

what a malfunction, in funk and time…

vibration and power,

science and sound.

I want to hear you…up,

hoist yourself,

houses are on fire,

respecting reciprocity I gaze,

like eyes being born,

to the glow of Venus’ silent sovereign seed,

announced, “EXIST!”

and she breathed into me,

deep while fiery fierce,

swimming into caged ethereal,

a soul?

an unrequited heart lost,

in contest to itself,

a paradox,

in pained principle….and civil rule,

we love the days of her Planet,

hands outstretched,

to the light outside the cask.


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