A Salient Sky

A Salient Sky

I wave goodbye to sea and sky,
all at the same time,
as I follow you down the rabbit hole,
I felt a certain pull,
like I missed life’s answers at a glance,
while mocking polarities in that dance,
as the moon bounces its best,
colliding with water’s body,
grains of salt in airy circumstance,
as gods laugh at nature’s hypocrisy,
this sky shakes its fist to me,
what once was rife,
twisting and folding space around you,
together and toward,
physical bounds!
I refuse!
such a dreamy landscape, electric sheep…
as I sleep,
when heart’s gravity forgets,
it’s time,
sink or swim,
fall or fly,
together and toward,
together and toward,
I am drawn,
infinitely in a wave,
no promises made.


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