I am unique,


a contradiction in terms,

infamous yet beloved,

only quirky happenings…

quench my thirst,

excite what’s beneath breastbone,

two trebles ebb,

baking cordiform cookies,

jammie dodgers, anyone?

as chaos bellows,

an oncoming storm forms,

the trumpets blow,

an orchestra implodes,

when heartstrings pull,

a man tries,



and triumphs,

or so he thought,

and he thought long,

so long he ruptured,

leaking into everyone else,

prickly vines on an abstract canvas,

bleeding to the touch,

fingers sensate,

what eyes can’t do,

I think,


I fight,

for and against,

how much is left?

I can’t care,

what blazes out of me,

the blazes,

a match,

a fiery forest flame,

as the instruments play,

I foray,



and brave.






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