The Transition

“You never find yourself until you face the truth.”  – Pearl Baily

Afternoon all!

It has been a while since I’ve posted…and with good reason.

In the last month or so, I broke my foot (the right one if you’re curious), almost left my job, have packed/moved, had an inspection (about have another), and continue the search for my own abode.

There’s a lot of minutia in-between, but that’s gist of it.

Hobby-wise, a highly strengthened Anime kick has begun. I blame Aldnoah Zero and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (yes, I binged the entire series once again). In addition, Ghost in the Shell: Arise and Sword Art Online also tickled my fancy. For me, Anime is part of “the Great Escape”.

One of my favorite characters is Inaho Kaizuka, the main Protagonist in Aldnoah Zero. I know he’s basically a redux of Amuro Ray (the first and best Gundam pilot IMO)…BUT DAYUM. I have also dubbed him “The Dragon Slayer” due to his ability to completely subdue the enemy through guile, intelligence, pseudo-scientific knowledge, and flawless strategy (much like one of my other fictional heroes, The Doctor). As for the series itself, it’s very character-driven and likes to employ swerves and cliffhangers. From my perspective, this show has yet to disappoint.

Away from Anime, I have moved from the place I called home for six years…and I’m fine. My grandmother is here (where I live now) and in some ways it is like old times (her cooking meals and southern hospitality) and in other ways, it isn’t (the desire to be independent and compact sleeping accommodations). All and all, it has been a learning experience. One which has taught me how I’ve changed as a person and what my apprehensions ACTUALLY are.

1. Writing

2. School

3. Companionship

4. The Future

I’ll sum them up in this short list.

Furthermore, once I save the money and move into my own abode, what does that mean for me?

I know I’m being contemplative about a subject which is pretty cut and dry…

but it isn’t. Not for me. Not right now.

Not for me. Not right now.

Not right now.

At this moment, I still carry what I dub “my greatest shame” like an Albatross, rotting and unforgiven. How can I move forward if I don’t…move forward?

I don’t know.

Anyway, things will culminate when I find my own dwelling. If I go on dating site, brave the rigors of drafts and publishing, press through financial aid woes, and truly, truly work on myself, then I should be fine, right?

We shall see.

Bye for now, KS.







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