Zero Division to take Ichigo to Soul King’s Palace – Bleach 517

Daily Anime Art

Bleach 517 is today’s fantastic chapter where members of Zero Division (Squad 0) all talk to the captains, some are noticed to have known them previously, like Kirio Hikifune is the large lady. We discover that Senshumaru Shutara has taken Renji, Byakuya, Rukia and Zangetsu, they also want to take Ichigo back to the Palace. Ichigo receives a call from the Kirge Killer in Hueco Mundo!

Bleach 517 allows the members of Zero Division to enter the place, they all seem to be happy and cheering themselves on, Ichigo notices that they’re more like children, the member with the long hair cheers that they’re here. Kirio Hikifune asks everyone how they’re doing and if they’re eating and sleeping properly. Shinji states that they’re kind of different from what he was expecting, she quickly smacks him across the face.

Shinji wonders why she slapped him, she tells Shinji that it’s been way to long, she asks if…

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