Facebook Rants: Haven – Season 5 So Far…

So…I just caught up with Haven and the first two episodes continued where last season left off.

For a little statistic, when science fiction/supernatural (no pun intended) shows hit Seasons 4 & 5, they tend to go away from the script, common themes which defined it in the first 3. Also the writing and script strength deviate sharply, not the case here (Fringe, I still love you).

Spoiler-free, the aforementioned show did this with its main character and deeply explored the catalyst of “The Troubles” or super-powered bloodline curses (in Layman’s terms). Within the seminal two episodes, Five proverbially twists the knife again and cleverly sets its agenda for said season. World-building and slowly bleeding in the Stephen King-isms like “Thinnies” and possibility of some The Dark Tower Series elements (gawd, I enjoyed that series! It was EPIC).

Character-wise, I think Duke has grown the most; I sympathize with him more than ever…but can the man stop being crapped on? Goodness, I hope he gets a reprieve especially after episode two’s events. Audrey, as identity-confused as she is, shows promise while layers of her psyche unravel.

And Nate…I absolutely, positively abhor the sheriff-deputy-whatever-he-is-now. For a law enforcement officer, he certainly throws caution to the wind…especially when it concerns Audrey (whether it costs lives or not). I know, I know…he loves her. But GD, what the hell else has to happen?! Is she the only woman in the world?! I hesitate to call him naive because he borders on stupid.

Most episodes, I end up mumbling obscenities when he’s on-screen. Then again, it is something I can relate to: making poor choices. However, each season the writers find a way to endear him so I’ll wait.

All and all, Haven is one of those shows I depend on each week. I’m glad it’s back and I’ll be here to see where it’s going!

Bye for now, KS.


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