I take a deep breath,

I accept the truth,

relative to me,

and there’s no day off,

vacation from my fate,

as the beat goes on,

faith can break into splinters,

story of David and Goliath,

not mine but it is,

prayers towards the struggle,

behind and ahead,

inherent good in most hearts,

makes one vulnerable,

to all,

to all!

little to nothing escapes,

an eidetic mentality,

pacing its own legend,

once the world keeps rolling,

a warrior in me awakens,

forging weapons,

for the battle upon us,

he fondles a hackbut,

someone rendered obsolete,

a firearm in figurative sense,

sporting a long barrel,

loaded through a muzzle,

one known as the soul,

I exhale…

as the powder and spark impact,

a power is produced,

and I have no equal.






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