Everything is Everything (Not By Lauryn Hill)

“Everything is everything. What is meant to be, will be. After winter, must come spring. Change, it comes eventually.” – Lauryn Hill, Everything is Everything (chorus)

As I open the shades and take in the sunlight, I am humbled by the fact that mornings aren’t guaranteed. I am blessed to have this.

Last weekend, I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy with two of my longtime friends. Great movie all around! It was definitely worth the ticket and you don’t even have to be a CBMF to truly appreciate it!

Outside of that, what I really valued was the time I had with my buds. Due to adulthood, geography, and conflicting work schedules, we don’t have as much time for each other as we used to. And that in itself is unfortunate…

Anyway, the gist is not to take any moment you get for granted. ANY MOMENT. Even the bad ones have some lesson nestled within its layers.

Yes I want to find happiness.

Yes I yearn for true love.

Yes I dream of fulfilling my potential.

However, I finally understand that everything has its time.

Every minute is a chance to DO something.


everything is everything.

Bye for now, KS



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