Solving My Own Case…Woosah!

“Choosing one path means abandoning others – if you try to follow every possible path you will end up following none.” – Paulo Coelho


In reflection, I have been with the same company for over a year…and in certain ways, it was just what I needed.

This time last year, my training began and I couldn’t believe, with narrowly two months under my proverbial belt, I earned a promotion.

After prolonged uncertainty, it feels as though I can move forward.

In every way, it has always been up to me.

Hell my knowledge has been incomplete…has been for some time now.

I never wanted to be the guy who couldn’t get it done.

No one ever does.

The road less traveled I guess.

Recently, I saw someone from my illustrious past and she didn’t even recognize me.

Someone I mentored and befriended.

Normally I would have been hurt but in this instance, it was a relief.

The brief encounter was, however, sobering.

A rare moment after nearly three years; purgatory of my own making…washed away; I realized how ugly I made myself (back then) and the true impact time has.

Three months to the day of my thirty-third birthday…and a tentative goal in mind.

“You will succeed.”

My mother said that, emphatically.

Statements like that stir something powerful inside you…almost supernatural.

“Keep going after your dream.”

My grandmother stated those words.

So…okay. *sigh*

Woosah, my friends.

Bye for now, KS.


Bad-Boys 2 - Woosah


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