Up In The Air

“Every day you have 60,000 to 80,000 thoughts. These thoughts influence how you feel. How you feel, informs the decisions you make. Therefore, knowing what thoughts regularly occupy space in your brain and ultimately drive your decisions, is important.” — Terri Cole


As I partake of a second (and third) cup of coffee, I reflect on the day.

My usually cynical mind says, “was it worth the effort?” “you can’t do better so settle…”

But I rebuke that line of thought.

It is the first of July… of another year and all I can think about is how grateful I should be.

For yet another day, another opportunity.

In a month, I could be back in school.

It may be the kick-start I need.

Each day, I think therefore…

Earlier I met with one of my regular drivers; last week, he lost his mother.

He was in the course of dropping off a shipment and his phone rang. I surmise it was one of his siblings. After he received this news, he attempted to continue as if nothing had happened but his melancholy persisted. Ironically, later that day, I shared some time with my own.

Today, we discussed his loss and I offered my condolences. It’s interesting because he had a smile on his face as talked about perhaps the saddest day of his life. My guess is he had come to peace with her death, that she had lived a good life, and he had happy memories (of her).

It made me think of my mother.

Truthfully, I could be a better son. I love her more than she could know and more than I could express properly.

One moment she could be here…

and the next…

she could be gone.

This life is highly inopportune.

I can’t emphasize that enough…especially for a cynic like me.

Also I’ve been watching Inspector Morse lately.

He, like me, is a practiced cynic.

However, the similarities don’t stop there.

(Endeavour) Morse is (or was, depending on your point of view) an undergraduate, criticized for his ultimate choice of employment, lauded for his intellect, and ever reminded of his potential.

That is me on all four counts.

A point of admiration is his predilection for crosswords, classical/operatic music, and classic literature.

In addition,  he is not a Ladies’ Man even though he tries his damndest to be. He muddles into any and all his interactions with women especially those he is attracted to. They almost always crash and burn or never get started at all. Unlike my experience, Morse’s love interests are often involved in the feature episode’s crime.

Lastly, he’s a bit of troublemaker often making waves where there shouldn’t be any or unintentionally burning bridges for the sake of a result. A Domino Effect of sorts.

Granted he’s not the best detective but I can relate to his many foibles.

For these reasons (and the show’s ensemble cast, strong writing and 80’s feel), it has grown on me (as well as Inspector Lewis and Endeavour).

Television wise, PBS Masterpiece (or Mystery! as it was called in Morse’s time) isn’t a bad course to go.

All and all, thoughts can be King.

Hopefully, these recent ones will lead somewhere promising.

Bye for now, KS.


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