Personal Message to CBMFs: DO IT YOURSELVES!

I was going to “feature” this message on my blog but eff it…I have an urgent message for Comic Book Readers, Purists, and Geeks alike:

If you want to save or improve the quality of Comic Book oriented movies, you have to do it YOURSELF!

That’s right.

Hollywood and their studios aren’t going to do it for any of us. The ones who gave their hearts and minds (and creative energies to comic books and their universes).

WE gave them life as fans, co-conspirators, and shamans, of sorts. My friend, an artist in her own right and one I’ve known since high school, pointed out something out very important, which I admittedly had lost sight of: the very essence in which comic books are conveyed; their very life blood and what makes them what they are. Right now, they are a caricature. The X-Men Movies, a glaring example.

While I’m not a Purist, I am a Comic Book enthusiast with enough love to know…when things aren’t right. At the same time, I realize how genres have to go through stages in order for people to cling onto them.

What we ultimately desire will take time. We, CBFs, have to be patient or we’ll die from aneurysms before the dream is realized. Simmer down now.

More importantly, what the movie industry DOES NOT UNDERSTAND is that these movies ARE FOR US…and us alone.


Remember that my CBF brethren… and seriously, go make some movies.

*drops mic*

Bye for now, KS.



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