One Road, Not Traveled

“Something we were withholding made us weak, until we found it was ourselves.” ― Robert Frost

One month ago, I helped a good friend of mine move. I don’t think I knew how good… He may be person I can be completely honest with, outside of my sister (who is my bestie).

That day, he had to pack up and move away from the townhouse he had basically grown up in; twenty-seven years in one place; I can only imagine how it was.

In contrast, his transition into another dwelling and to perhaps a truer semblance of adulthood, reminded me of my own. Struggles which I have been reluctant to resolve or even attest to. Ones I hadn’t admitted to this very friend. I honestly couldn’t tell you why…

Maybe I was embarrassed.

No wait…I know I was.

Much later on, an adult conversation on career choices, quarter life crises, and possible solutions, I reveal aforementioned fears. To new friends (including my good one), I did this. It was not easy or expected. Hell they were more understanding than I ever thought anyone would be.

Separately, my good friend didn’t comprehend why didn’t come to him in the first place. I did not express an answer then but it may have been shame. I’m not sure.

Seemingly in one night, those demons were somewhat exorcised, had  much less sway on my passions, and there is a clear direction stirring within. Light has re-entered said tunnel; purpose has been reawakened.

After this long in the dark, I had given in to futility. I didn’t fully conceptualize how much.

That night and nights afterward, I slept on it and taken hope into tomorrow. I am slowly climbing, taking back progress through steps to where I want to be.

And yes, my friend is doing great in his new home.

The lesson here: we don’t do anything well alone…

Bye for now, KS.



I am an aspiring teacher who is a self-proclaimed writing guru, comic book enthusiast, movie buff, & science fiction aficionado who's laid back & down to earth.

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