Poem 1 By Edmund Spenser

Poem 1 

YE learned sisters which haue oftentimes 
beene to me ayding, others to adorne: 
Whom ye thought worthy of your gracefull rymes, 
That euen the greatest did not greatly scorne 
To heare theyr names sung in your simply layes, 
But ioyed in theyr prayse. 
And when ye lift your owne mishaps to mourne, 
Which death, or loue, or fortunes wreck did rayse, 
Your string could soone to sadder tenor turne, 
And teach the woods and waters to lament 
Your dolefull dreriment. 
Now lay those sorrowfull complaints aside, 
And hauing all your heads with girland crownd, 
Helpe me mine owne loues prayses to resound, 
Ne let the same of any be enuide, 
So Orpheus did for his owne bride, 
So I vnto my selfe alone will sing, 
The woods shall to me answer and my Eccho ring. 

Edmund Spenser 


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