Future Shock – The First Words

Imagine a world utterly destroyed, Dystopian, and out of luck. I know it’s difficult to fathom. Hell, ages ago, I would have told you that an apocalypse is only something you see in movies.

Well I don’t have to now… imagine.

I mean I live here.

The year is 3014…and I am one of the only two people left on Earth. Yeah you heard me. We’re down to two.

Great job, human race. Great job.

In what remains of Woodbridge, Virginia, a place you’ve probably never heard of, I mull over the last battle. It wasn’t fought with guns, bombs, or any ridiculous sci-fi tech; it came down to fists and powers beyond what anyone could posit. The thing of myth and legend had reduced our streets to rubble in speed streaks and energy expulsions. Michael Bay would have been envious! But I digress…

Where was I when it went down? At headquarters, filing reports. Sounds fun doesn’t it?

Anyway, I was a cop, one who didn’t get enough action, one who thought more of himself than the whole department. Officers risking their lives each day, dodging bullets, and making arrests…and I was jealous. Until I was the last.

Enough about me…the other guy, survivor, he’s a scientist. Apparently he had tenure at some Ivy League school but lost it due to being a bit hair-brained. And what was his specialty? Quantum-something-or-other. In other words, he’s very smart but much like his character references insist, he’s kooky.  His kookiest idea is a “solution” to our problem.

A time machine.

Yeah you heard me.

Jules Verne. The Doctor. Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

Then again, talk of super people and world war would be called crazy.

In your time.

Whoever is getting this message, I hope we succeed. Stop this from happening.

I had a family. One I would trade my life for. She was my best friend.

We know who annihilated the human race…and we are coming for you.

The remains of.

We’ll use your tools.

Destroy your supply.

And make you pay.

Remnant out.

*Transmission end*

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