Calm A midst The Storm

“Who I am today is a constant reminder of what I took from my past challenges.” -Godsway Sappor

I feel better about everything.


I’m  tired of making  excuses and being sad for things I cannot control. I know what I want to do with my life even though I thought I had given in. But I hadn’t…

Also, my work situation is improving. My boss has backed off (mostly) and is letting me do my job; micromanaging can put a crimp in someone’s style sometimes.

Afterward, I met this guy who was down on his luck. He just started work (less than a mile away from me) at Applebee’s but he’s in the process of moving (from the South). No money, with barely a clue of where anything is… and his car is out of gas. Fortunately he ran into me.

Despite my improvement and bout of charity, the pink eye has returned. I know you’re thinking, “he must be a really nasty who doesn’t bother to use soap…” But no, I do use soap, antibacterial, and I do wash several times in a day so how it recurred is a mystery.

I feel like I need a sojourn of some sort…a vacation on all fronts. There is a source of tension I can’t identify and I need a release.

The other morning I was in line grocery shopping and this lady (in front of me) began talking about Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.

multiple intelligences graphic

– Image courtesy of Nicole Lindsay Green of

She told the cashier how limited the education system is due to only teaching in visual and auditory ways. I added how several students would better if a kinesthetic approach was involved; for example, using blocks and shapes in mathematics or using physical activity during lessons, apart of them. Long story short, once I chimed in, we both left pleased with the exchange. Personally it stirred a part of me that I haven’t visited in years.

The one which wants me to teach.

Bye for now, KS.