A Status Update

“You have to go through the struggles to get to success and happiness ; if there were no struggles, no one would be truly happy and successful.” – Jonathan Taylor

Today, whether I was at work or at home, I felt as though I finally learned something from many of the struggles in my life. Something essential…

Currently, I have a job I do not particularly care for but it does keep my brain busy and pay the bills. As an ICC, I get to use my communication, organization, and problem-solving skills in a variety of ways. One of the downsides is that it is not very artistic or creative; however I do express that part of myself here. Other downsides are my persistent forgetfulness, lack of sleep, and almost constant micromanagement. When I think I’m about to crack, it’s like a second skin grew where I would normally complain or be less cognizant. Those bills are a regular obstacle to tackle. We all know this well. When I do, it feels good to provide a resolution even for a short time. Maybe my heart became two times larger…

Finding myself looking forward quite a bit, the struggles don’t define me as much anymore. My sister, my friends stand as reminders. Hopefully a change for the future will be a significant increase in interaction. The occasional phone call only does so much.

While I envy those with the means and passion to realize their dreams (especially in the Liberal Arts), I am at a place where a light is visible from my end of the tunnel.

Bye for now, KS.


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