My Anime Favorites: Tekkaman Blade (Teknoman, US)

Summary: During United Earth Year 192, the Earth is under attack from an extraterrestrial enemy known as the Radam; parasites that take other creatures as hosts. The Radam forces are composed of grotesque bug-like monsters that are led by armored soldiers known as the Tekkamen. Surrounding the Earth is an enormous man-made ring-shaped structure known as the Orbital […]

In The Stalls

In The Stalls My life is like a music-hall, Where, in the impotence of rage, Chained by enchantment to my stall, I see myself upon the stage Dance to amuse a music-hall. ‘Tis I that smoke this cigarette, Lounge here, and laugh for vacancy, And watch the dancers turn; and yet It is my very […]

Loose Lips

Loose lips sink… vessels on bodies, and then, it all became about vows, promises sacred like churches, made them solemn, made them sly, made them true, lies, lies, lies, greener pastures, loose lips, loose lips, carry along seasides, ongoing, ever striding, pay heed to the journey, ahead of most import, when words weave… in order […]