Be[ing] Still

“The difference between school and life? In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.” – Tom Bodett

So I start again…my food is here, courtesy of Papa John’s, and I’m in a slightly better mood. Perhaps I’m a little hangry…

Anyways, I had my entry fully composed and then poof, much like Keyser Soze (The Usual Suspects), it was gone.

Long story short, I gone back to basics: purely working, making ends meet, separated from academia or any career track. It is about time to climb onto that horse.

Also I am not getting any younger and I feel as though the clock is ticking; for relationships, my own family, and a chance at love. I still believe in these things. I simply don’t reconcile where I’m at in relation to them.

Weekends are successfully providing a respite from the work week. As an adult, I would say it can be key to have such time to be still, to be yourself, and to stretch into your own interests.

My Top 10 Anime List is LONG overdue! Sorry about that everyone but work has been a bear. The list was decisively determined weeks ago but fatigue has won my afternoons, eaten away at my free time. The next two days I aim to please so to speak…

In sum, timing and opportunity are factors in which one seeks, whether looking for them or not, enabling change. For me, it is time.

Bye for now, KS.


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