I’m near unconsciousness,

on the path seldom sought,

of sleep,

retirement in arms,

knowing limits fatigue brings,

sapping unseen energies,

I crave an answer,

to subconscious memory,

dreamscapes and nightmares,

dreamt paths in ether,

astral meanderings,

all in passing,

moonwalk across unreality,

time and space knock,

four times,

maybe it’s death,

possibly sublime,

fantastical revelries,

jaunts and jumps,

on the other side,

of a die roll,

cast in a role of a lifetime,

once for legends,

unwritten ventures,

waking in euphoric tones,

how many nights…

will slumber go on?

lids under gravity sway,

I relent,


or is it sheeps in play?


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