Voltaire’s Man

A man’s life…

isn’t one way.

on that premise,

I call bullshit!

live your life,

don’t waste time…

judging its intricacies,

picking them apart,

dubbing me useless,

or without manhood,

I have valued friends,

allies in my cause,

good jurors in character,

their decision fortifies mine,


There is no better choice,

to make thyself,

in unmaking fumbles,

foibles aplenty,

as all men possess…

not just me alone,

every single one of us!

it comes with the position,

gender role I suppose,

our maker designed?

cosmic questions,

beyond human answers,

is that what a man becomes?

a query,

on the tongues of the opposite sex,

clusterfucks and bottlenecks,

perception has…

the power one lends it,

his mettle,

I’m as free as I want to be,

No matter the scrutiny,

as free as I want to be.



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