Warp Drive

I took a drive,

on a street called Warp,

it sent me to places,

I never thought…

it would,

pockets of time and space,

defying the laws of physics,



and future,

in other words,

my own personal timeline,

at sub-light speed,

approaching celestial objects,

in gargantuan gravy boats,

I made a decision…

a choice which diverted angles,

maligned feelers,

differing geometry,

transformed me…

into an unrecognizable variable,

sum unseen,

those one-sided mirrors rendered inert,

I grease the atoms,

straddled between recesses of dark matter,

like gears…

within The Hunchback of Notre Dame’s tower,

ringing a bell for something better,

a premise hard to expound upon,

or explain,

since you aren’t me…

you’re all layman,

amateurs in analyzing me,

your hypothesis now…

random chaos,

intelligent design,

or bad judgment,

while I scream into the night,

where no one can see…

on Warp Drive.


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