Veneer of Smiles

Under a veneer of smiles,

I go for miles,

miles and miles,

in a variety of styles,

as I control my wiles,

against the fallen like Belial,

like spinning the dials,

on this cruise through The Nile,

something you cannot file,

or pour into a vial,

what happened to that smile?

it shrank when it hit the pile,

all the while,

the veneer turns to bile,

of course… not on file,

not on file,

when I got riled,

swimming atop a sea of tiles,

akin schools of lile,

full of guile,

full of guile,

perhaps I need to find a concile,

in this veneer of smiles,

is it time to reconcile?

for what…

that veneer of smiles?



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