Miss Judge

Miss Judge,

I’ll break your heart,

every time,

I’ll shatter it into pieces,

so small,

you can’t them up,

or glue them back together,

I’m on pace,

to burn,

to seethe,

to melt inside ridiculous expectation,

but what do I expect?

from you,

or the world,





to bow down,

to me!

respect my wishes,

for once!

so I don’t have to grieve,

just to get along,

to move on,

or compromise how I don’t want to,

I have dreams,

and I am unashamed,

of them,

take a step away,

from judging a book by its cover,

witness the change,

keep those eyes peeled,

blink and you may miss it,

as hearts are meant to process pain,

and blood, oxygen, and life,

I refuse to circle the drain,

refuse to be refused,

I am as free as you will be

be wrong,

be right,

I am as free as you are.


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