A Caveat

There’s always a caveat,

but then that is life,

such is liveliness,

such is theatre,

such is reason,

compromises for the angles,

in our blurred vision,

a community on strike,

not together but apart,

of the same organism,

dying slowly,

an infection,

a growing populace,

cells manifesting indiscriminately,


no I don’t think that’s right…

it starts with a ‘C’,





we are Cancer,

on the skin of the world,

this Mother of homo sapien and life alike,

Earth nestles us in her bosom,

she cries each day,

expressing a sadness,

we don’t even acknowledge,

our interconnected nature sacrificed,

perhaps for sin…

maybe greed,

to step on the backs of brothers and sisters,

we call ourselves winners,





yet a heart tells its falsehood,

yells its true signal,

as it bonds to all others,

hearts beating,

a formal notice,

from the voice of the universe,

a caveat. 


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