The Inner Workings

“Women marry men, hoping they will change. Men marry women, hoping they will not. So each is inevitably disappointed.” – Albert Einstein

On my illustrious “Friend Day” yesterday, a fellow philosopher and I were having a dialogue about men and women, specifically the inner workings of relationship between them. To inform you, this began due to a falling out of sorts.

Furthermore, while putting this particular scenario in perspective, my interpretation of female versus male psychology came into the front. Many may and probably will disagree, and this is understandable; as always, debate is welcome.

Anyways, males are simple creature even when it comes to their emotional intelligence; In turn, females are complex. Males basically feel what they feel; granted, lies and pretext may come along with it but we are pretty straightforward about how we feel. On the other hand, females must process each emotion separately and take an indefinite amount of time to do so. Some females are much better at processing this information than others.

A common misconception is how males don’t feel anything or are reluctant to express themselves which is (in most cases) certainly not true; a male trepidation is often not due to reluctance but fear of being misunderstood (by said female). Some females also transfer their own reluctance onto their mates, partners, or close male friends. An easy solution is for each party to share their feelings with one another, how they actually feel, no pretenses.

In addition, a male simply states what they want, their feelings, in sometimes a cold, blunt manner which can either, put females off or attract them. The latter may be mistaken for confidence instead of brashness. However, a female often speaks her mind yet leaves certain details out, open to interpretation; the more a female says, the more they are implying.

Pay attention males! If you don’t, violating an unwritten policy or procedure could cost you. And females, I state this because male nor female can read minds (or hearts) so don’t expect it anytime soon. This is a fact not a choice (by males).

The terms, whole and broken, are totally subjective; we can all be one or the other or none of the above. That said, our conversation led to an analysis of “whole versus broken” and how imbalance often ends friendship and relationships. A “whole” person is someone of strong emotional awareness and is able to discern how to react to another person’s emotions accordingly. In contrast, a “broken” person is someone of questionable emotional awareness and is not often capable of comprehending another person’s emotions, and prone to fractured or uneasy pairings, friend or lover.

My fellow philosopher, dubbed a phenomenon he witnessed with females, the “Disney Complex.” It hypothetically when some females choose a “bad boy” as opposed to a “good guy” to pair with. Their subconscious reason is that she can change him; with a kind one, there is little to change so the latter is seen as “boring” or “incompatible” i.e. “not my type.” Disney, as in Walt Disney via his princesses, who we have all watched growing up; some young females may model themselves off of these heroines and in turn, may be setting themselves up for something completely fictional, much like these stories.

Even though I think this hypothesis has validity, I do not purport to know whether I am (or anyone else is) either. These terms are too subjective and only can be gauged as a reference point; an observation at best.

Overall, I believe men and women, males and females, are more alike than they can even admit. Each gender’s emotional intelligence and biological imperative dictates their reactions to the opposing sex.

In my opinion, the dynamics are much more elementary than we think.

Bye for now, KS.



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