Ability is universal,

it is in each person,

despite what we coin,




Poly can tell,

she can,

in a,

seemingly succinct,


ambient will projects an aura,

a strange,

almost supernatural pallor,

pulpy and refreshing,

like a morning’s orange juice,

Poly can tell you,

what the others said,

how they chastised,

how they bantered,

why they shouldn’t have done that…

Poly acknowledges what you don’t,

she’s ideal for sight,

of what’s unseen,

of when it’s time to go,

of all of us little humans,

in her petri dish,

a glass as shallow as…

we can be,

while strength remains,

the ultimate qualifier?

Poly says she knows,

and she whispers,

into your outset ear,

you gasp,

then get on,

with the business…

of being human,

saturated in rays,

Poly enters the night sky,

and takes her ball home…



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