Dream Out Loud

I dream differently,

louder than most,

despite music throbbing against my eardrum,

I make amends,

via daydream,

via cityscape,

via vestibule, 

creative juices flowing,

an amalgamated brain,

a drowsy repose,

breathing in and out,

each inhale granting life,

every exhale converting energy,

aspiration is an intangible,

so many vitals are,

a hero simply in dreamscapes,

a villain of the modern world,

man’s world pitted,

on the opposite side…

of an eccentric,

one who thinks outside that fence,

the one every well-to-do is frightened of,

the guys who exist in the shadows,

the weirdos who aren’t peculiar,

as one would surmise,

I dream for them,

my dream is also for me,


for me!


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