An Unlikely Soul

Clueless wonder,

visible black stains,

in the muddy tracks below,

as I bleed into well-worn fibers,

guile resurged me,

villainous ends tempt,

in vogue,


under ceilings primed,

to escape steel structures,

as cinders rise,

my fists do too,

I’ll make each hit count,




each sucker punch,

equestrian ride,

ride on,

as those knaves challenge,

with knives brandished,

in cape and cowl,

in will and grit,

is it enough?


I think not,

but while he doubts,

my resolve keeps force in check,

strength be damned,

intellect be praised,

solution lies within,

no powers planted,

on heated plain,

and battered body,

in this unlikely soul…

it begins.


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