The First Step

“Smile through the hard times, even though it doesn’t seem to get any better, cause a smile is the first step to fixing things.” – Unknown

I smiled today; several times in fact. I don’t even know why but I’m thankful for the result. It was definitely a reprieve from how manic I’ve been feeling as of late.

I also feel like I have taken an important step in my development. I usually emote to the point of no return…ad nauseum. Today, I let it go.

There’s no meaning in being angry or disappointed anymore. Sometimes things don’t work out but I should be grateful for the chance.

My smile came from a deep, honest place. They served me well as the shift I was on, dragged. I am no longer worried or fearful (of certain outcomes). Everything is front of me.

The biggest smile just took me by surprise.

Bye for now, KS. 🙂




I am an aspiring teacher who is a self-proclaimed writing guru, comic book enthusiast, movie buff, & science fiction aficionado who's laid back & down to earth.

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