RG3, A Victim of Willful Ignorance

RG3, A Victim of Willful Ignorance

This really irked me…but having family members who have shared similar opinions, I have a good idea where it comes from. There is a major generation gap between African American or for the sake of the argument, Black people (which is not mutually exclusive with African Americans) in the form of how races are perceived, the current scope of racism in America, its effect on one’s success or failure, and how much it factors in one’s daily life. If I state that I would rather be compared to/thought of with lauded contemporaries than being marginalized by being lumped in with only ‘black’ contemporaries, does that make me cornball? That I choose not to be a walking stereotype or conform to some closed minded misconception of how a black person should act. How can we ever move past such willful ignorance if we don’t think much of ourselves? It’s not the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s; just because that’s how your parents raised you or what you experience doesn’t mean this mentality should persist. Ultimately, the color lines aren’t as blurred or marred as they used to be; by no means is it world peace but we have more information, connection, and interaction than we used to. I am black but I am also more than that…who’s looking like a cornball now?!