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The Evil GM

The Transmogrifier! (You can download it as an actual Excel file, rather than as a Google document.)

What does The Transmogrifier do? Well, I’ve been working on a long article about the mechanical challenges of epic tier play and I realized that it might be helpful to give GMs a tool to tune their monsters. What the sheet does is show you numbers that are balanced for the party, allowing you to adjust for your table’s specific level of optimization. Please read the notes within the spreadsheet, they explain aspects of the tool.

Why doesn’t it use averages instead of the high and low values?

Because the high and low values are the problem children, they’re always going to stick out. If one character has much higher defenses, it’s that quality that needs consideration.

That “How difficult is your game?” thing is confusing. What do you mean?

Your party is…

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