A Man Apart

The other day I wrote a poem,

an elegy to myself,

a recount,

everything thought wrong,

hinting narcissism,


when I attempted to recite these lines,

nothing came forth,

I couldn’t recall,

words, letters, energy,


and maybe,

just maybe they should have…

origins under false pretense,

or lampshade,

an ambient light,

I was like a timid deer,

in headlights near,

I should try,

the voice inside,

on PA,

harks a brighter passenger,

a new day in exchange,

of letting go,

handing off the motions for strides,

should be,

could be,

would be,

I hope the lesson carry through,

throughout irrecoverable transference,

salmon sans upstream,

the bear is left hungry,

the fish do find their way,

from the cabin amongst the elongated pines,

I look upon the sunrise,

and it glares back.



I am an aspiring teacher who is a self-proclaimed writing guru, comic book enthusiast, movie buff, & science fiction aficionado who's laid back & down to earth.

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