I am merry,

because I am blessed,

in times of need and worry,

I see the best,

for myself,

and those who care outside of themselves,

share a bite,

or have company to spare,

I love Christmas,

Hanukkah too,

give some love to the holiday season,

until the New Year comes through,

perhaps for resolutions,

or to celebrate an upgrade in years,

as wintry flakes fall,

as songs are sung harmoniously,

a luminescence shines everywhere,

at once,

a smile or an uplifting simile,

spread an inward cheer,

reminders to be humble,

loving and calm.




A Man Apart

The other day I wrote a poem,

an elegy to myself,

a recount,

everything thought wrong,

hinting narcissism,


when I attempted to recite these lines,

nothing came forth,

I couldn’t recall,

words, letters, energy,


and maybe,

just maybe they should have…

origins under false pretense,

or lampshade,

an ambient light,

I was like a timid deer,

in headlights near,

I should try,

the voice inside,

on PA,

harks a brighter passenger,

a new day in exchange,

of letting go,

handing off the motions for strides,

should be,

could be,

would be,

I hope the lesson carry through,

throughout irrecoverable transference,

salmon sans upstream,

the bear is left hungry,

the fish do find their way,

from the cabin amongst the elongated pines,

I look upon the sunrise,

and it glares back.