I’ve encountered her many times

in many lives,

she’s familiar and new,

so I’m bursting inside,

no one can tell aside from her,

my poker face conceals this admiration,

when she enters a room,

I feel her,

sometimes it is too much for me,

the simplest diction,

I have difficulty forming,

my mouth is not sophisticated enough,

not for her,

the connotation runs out,

or excuses pile up,

when in the end…

honesty could be a miracle,

for both of us,

she’s worth the risk,

heartbreak I’ve swallowed for many moons,

the crash and burn,

remain like the spirits,

in years of seclusion,

respectable to the Caribou,


a like mind,

and a beautiful soul,

we’ve shared space in dreams,


afraid to make the first move,

to lose what we have,

in this lifetime,

a friendship kindled,

a potential preserved,

a chance I can no longer take…

for granted.


In Noir

My personality has many shades,

You may only see one or two,

My allies are few,

in shadows black and grey,

visible caricatures,

living among the auspicious,

transported to another time,

in Noir,

let me get my trench coat,

inhabit an intrepid scene,


in dark alleys,

where crime or suspense occur,

cue the dramatic score,

scratch that…

don’t you know this is make-believe?

how much of this facade is fantasy…

a living dream,

a cinematic encounter,

wake up!

cancel the pretend,

smell of cigarette smoke,

gritty posturing,

and calamitous drama,

sans a groggy disposition,

I’m awake for the audition…

Fire in Belly

The advantageous sprint off,

before the bang even produces sound,

they are runners on a track of their own,

track stars in a another life,

speeding past the remainder,

chasing a brand new obsession,

if one looks closely enough,

without blinking,

their eyes sparkle,

glisten so brightly,

that shadows are rendered irrelevant,

a spark so powerful,

rivals need seeing-eye dogs,

obstacles melt away,

as all turns to gold,

a path woven into absolutes,

the Trendsetter unleashed!


We’re like oil and water,

repelling and attracting each other,

indirectly colluding emotions,

made up of differing compositions,

I respond to heat slowly,

you pop and crackle once tempted,

explode with enough kinetic energy,

I glide into steam,

filling the air,

while your molecules hit the floor,

singe those who come near,

better are we separate,

in our natural forms,

becoming volume,

in a glass or a bottle,

ingredients to nourish,

physically change within us,

their mass contributes,

weighs in on our decision,

I vie to adjust the formula,

bust our boundaries open,

see them dissolve,

so we can combine,

create a new chemical,

a solution,

a partnership,

furnished to accommodate you and me,

friendship is the result,

one to be envied.







Many times I’ve heard the phrase,

you have potential,

what does that mean exactly?

that I’m not good enough now,

that I’m not the master I think I am,

this three syllable word may be the death of me,

no…I’m exaggerating,

fighting the fact that they may be right,

but what do I do with it?

this word,

this force of nature which I carry inside of me,

how do I harness it?

maybe I’ll train it like a dog,

to follow my every command,




I’ll tell it,

no…it’s not an animal,

with no definition,

it is invisible to me,

or maybe it doesn’t exist,

and I can’t mold it ,

into a concept I can understand,

but I salivate for a cure-all,

an instantaneous answer to all my problems,

lackadaisical in my approach,

let the Orient Express come,

charging down the tracks,

no… I don’t feel like moving,

in some degree…

I want this to happen,


I want to be loved.


Family is the Fuel

My family is the fuel,

they are the spark,

they are the flame,

that keeps this train running,

at five hundred miles an hour,

unflappable in their love,

they cheer the fall as well as the rise,

they contribute greatly,

to my passion,

to my enthusiasm,

never to my folly,

but they patch me up,

and ride me to mature,

accept the character they crafted,

even weathered the torrent of my negativity,

they are unmovable in their stance,

unconditional with their affection,

despite their own adversity,

they pour their love into me,

they’re belief makes me luminous,

they’re prayers make me limitless,

a simple thanks is not enough…


Good Thoughts

Positive over negative,

I’m set to reach for the sky,

my powerful heart will carry me,

bigger than anything my mind can conceive,

clouds one through nine…

get ready!

emphasis is elevated,

while I’m levitated,

so high…

nothing can touch me here,

serenity is mine,

among the clouds,

above the oaks and pines,

look to where I’ve risen,

it’s chill up here,

time only makes me better,

growth is imperative,

so is ascension,

where the birds roam,

soar to heights unparalleled,

I mimic their traits,

climb to the highest point,

arms extended,

avian antics assumed,

winds support me in this motion,

sunlight guides my way,

as fervor reflects flight.