People Watching

Focus on everyone else, this is my goal for the quarter, I am one of the best at my profession, I am a people watcher, I proudly admit, scanning the aisles consistently, albeit diligence and precision, I am watching like a hawk, the denizens who occupy space, their attributes interest me, even the ones who have […]

The Road I Have Taken

The road I have taken, is my own, singular, solitary, I walk along its rigid surface, one which no other treads, some say it’s golden, others say it’s fractured, mired in imperfection, but they don’t know, standing where they can simply observe, make false statements, judge indiscriminately, foolish expression.. that measures no real weight, should equal nothing […]

Close Yet Far Away

Goals are malleable things, we form them, we grind them, we swallow them whole, we digest them, and throw away the rhind, purpose of such things is evident, to hold us together, in ways magnetism cannot, anchor us to this rock, before Heaven, shoulders to spill sorrows into, we attempt to focus, light into a […]

On A Spring Afternoon

On a spring afternoon, the fluttering of fireflies set a tone, one which quietly echoes, to a delicate pallet, as the Sun fires its rays, flowers perk up, trees show their second wind, a beautiful yet renewed vigor, green and plush, pollen swirls the air, when the scent of dew arrives, and the first raindrop […]


Emotions can be so simple, yet complex at the same instant, some feelings can overwhelm, and others can simply… taper off, become confused, rip through patience, make one paranoid, riding the surface like a needle  upon a record, producing beautiful music, melodies that key into communicative rhythm, between one another, out of sync sometimes, coalescing rarely, all […]


I have a fixation on imaginary creatures, things of an abstract persuasion, colors which bubble from nothing, and make their way through the veil, taking awkward shapes , tracing the eye with vivid detail, forming scales and teeth, growing floppy ears, swinging its long tail rambunctiously, I grab on tight to its back, as it floats […]

Looking at the Clock

Time is the question, the one that alludes me, each occasion I prescribe, moments unchecked, and how! the verses align where my mind tells them to, to gel like mingling fronts, akin to hands on a familiar face, growing up is not a matter of.. chronology alone, synchronisms occur as well, physical forms take notice! […]