College Writing Crap

It always begins with… What the hell am I writing about? a question which cries college, when did writing become a mission, and grant merits, from my point of view, research is trivial, this paper is minimal, but why does it carry so much weight? when the assignment is crap, and you know it is, […]

Tragedy but Truth

There is a history I choose to see, one mired in blame, a tragic nature no one tries to comprehend, but I have no choice, because even inside…it is mine. resonating in every syllable, you’re my old life, this my new life, however, I cannot resemble that remark, the ugly manifesto which just passed through your […]


Pensive, old and weary, I am, I was, I will be… humming in the halls, resisting, resisting, providence right in front of my face, shocked to see it, a deer in headlights, as the car collides, crushes me completely, like chances bursting around me, I remain in this spot, running in place, as the answer […]

Rogue Possibility

The possibility to change is a shady rogue, it becomes foreign to me, the possibility to connect, letting go of old conventions, I step back… and look forward simultaneously, slighting this oddity with my peripheral, makes one aware of travelers, ragged and wrecked, a feeling preserved by denial, a paperweight caked with soot, revelry is not […]

Hello world!

My fellow bloggers, Only to state the obvious, I’ve started a blog here on WordPress. I have two very valid reasons for doing so (or at least I think so…): one, to distribute the hundreds of thoughts I have streaming through my head at any given time, and two, to bolster the number of bloggers who […]

An Enlightened Man

In the beginning a man cannot be knowledgeable, only flexible enough to explore his physical space, privy to the guise all humans have held, forming his own mask, an inevitable cost lies behind the curtain, burns into the seams of a character, sewn and worn in, as outside entities make contact, a man can pulse […]