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Last night’s Key & Peele sketch on OutKast was perfect

Originally posted on Consequence of Sound:

Last night’s episode of Key & Peele featured a sketch about OutKast. More specifically, the relationship, or lack thereof, between André 3000 and Big Boi.

The sketch centers around the rappers’ chance encounter at a coffee shop. Without giving too much away, Big Boi has grown tired of André’s Peter Pan-esque persona. A bit harsh, yes, but for anyone who’s spent the last decade holding out hope for a new OutKast record, this sketch should bring you at least some satisfaction. Watch below.

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Un Employ ED.

More like unused,

seen as a pawn,

in your Chess game,


[an] unchanging mass of particulates,

un – deployed,


passive aggressed,

like Plymouth Rock,

not what I wanted,


not at all,

an unwelcome song,

party crashing,

up a little too early,

on edge,

I’ve used these words before,

but differently,

coded in silent tone,



unforeseen sonic poetry,

floating since I haven’t swam,

since I have not swam,

I sit swami-like,




I’m a hot mess,

on fire with conflict,

babbling on coals,

yet I can’t touch a damned thing!

like a ghost,

standing on an uncanny plane,

can you explain?

why it all scares the crap out of me!

an apparition wearing roller blades,

barely making the corner,

bumping into the barrier,

found out I was not in reach,

separate as the world,

causal, casual, or caustic?

questions spilling out, out, out!

exposition’s plight,

maybe I care too much,

each word doesn’t weigh the same,

out of focus,

I’m trying to be kind,

and not stab at thee!

punch your ticket early,

a last reserve,

folding my hands,

whisper a prayer,

on bended knee.