Assumptions Can Be Killer

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” – Peter Drucker

It’s ninety-three but it feels like ninety-five with the humidity and general lack of wind. But why am I reporting the weather? Because life can be as immovable as nature itself…

For me, what gets things moving is communication. It is an incredible means to express one’s self – like a gentle breeze or a torrential gust – the power of words and expressions can create connections as well as destroy (or inhibit) them.

I think, with some people, it can be seamless. You can find common interests and easily string a series of conversations together. They can produce humor, honesty, and high stakes debate. How most friendships are formed…

However, with others, it can be difficult. Don’t get wrong, it is not as if common ground can’t be found but the terrain between parties may be rocky. What I mean is: there may be a major difference in how you communicate. Whether it is the language you speak, the frequency in which you decide to, the tone of your words, or an expression of your heart, you have to be careful NOT TO ASSUME.

Assumptions can be killer…and you may end up apologizing or parting ways with someone due to something small. Fortunately, I have discovered an approach which has me in said situations. Mainly it’s full of contrition. Listening, really listening, will do a great amount of good as well; in a selfless fashion i.e. it doesn’t have to benefit you at all.

Anyways, I’m a talker and communication has the backbone of my being since I could remember. So it’s something I cherish. An art.

Bye for now, KS.




you can’t just pass,

expect me to ignore your rose-tinted blush,

as I (subconsciously) block your path,

grab my hand and talk to me,

talk to me like my lady-love,

(you could be) a sweetheart at arms,

follow me through the pain,

as each smile tempts,

the Devil and angel inside,

torture me…

you’re more than welcome to,

ah, Senorita… what have you done?!

chasing you like windmills,

a fragrance so saccharine,

maybe I’ve lost all of my minds…

Hola, Senorita…

I beg for your smile,

your lovely cadence,

your sweet denials,

your passive presence,

makes me think twice,


an innocent question always stirs me,

spurs an intimate wonder,

I’ll never stop asking…

as your come-hither frame turns,

towards and away,

the fire is lit,

I am whatever you wish,

my Senorita,

stay beautiful.






“Sometimes the right thing feels all wrong until it is over and done with.” – Alice Hoffman

“The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love and to be greater than our suffering.”  – Ben Okri

Lately, I’ve been losing my mind a little. Not in the literal sense but during a pursuit… of reclaiming myself.

I moved to the other side of the state, but with the isolation, it feels like I’ve moved to the other side of the world.

On the pro side, I have learned so much about myself. Up to this point, my proclivity to bullshit was epic.

What I mean is that I would say things to get people off my back… the problem was that it had to do with life goals.

Basically, it comprised building blocks, milestones, and development which shouldn’t have amounted to bullshit.

The ultimate pro is that I found out who I am without the lie…and I like him.

The con of neglecting my true self for this long is digging out the proverbial hole I’ve allowed myself to fall into.

Tunneling to China ain’t easy…lol

Anyways, I am trying to work out HOW I make good…how to get back some of my heart…to do something I love again.

This retail crap is for the birds…

Langston Hughes has always been my favorite poet and one of my truest inspirations. I think my next endeavor should be a homage of sorts. I’ll work it out.:)

Bye for now, KS.


A Little Break

A little break would me some good,
I think in those common hours,
When I am alone,
When I am contemplating,
Taking a bite of something delectable,
As nutrition swims throughout,
I make space,
For what’s coming,
Or possibly what is going,
With a smile,
Service and support,
Am I thankful?
Why am I questioning hope?
The next morning has come,
The Sun reaches over all,
Hand over fist,
Sky saddling mountain,
I take it in.


All the regrets don’t make up,
don’t retrieve lost time,
How I remark no future no past,
Remaining hands on a clock,
Spiteful monologues,
Unpaid hours,
To make work may mine?
Maybe it’s escape,
The formula for loneliness,
Been grinding on it for ages,
Like I ever wanted to perfect it,
made entirely of what we avoid talking about,
That’s the conversation,
Friends are long gone from,
And the poetry is not enough,
Full stop.